Our Smart Health solutions combine mobile technological solutions, application development, sensor technology and data analysis with novel ideas on patient co-management, health monitoring and life quality improving digital solutions. Of no lesser importance is supplying digital tools and solutions to the market, that would enable health sector companies service clients better and introduce new ways of treating health related issues in much efficient ways. Smart Health DIH has the potential to deeply transform the healthcare sector.   Entrepreneurs under Smart Health DIH umbrella combine a strong understanding of the technologies underlying Smart Health solutions with specialised knowledge of specific healthcare challenges, illnesses and afflictions, and with in-depth analysis of specific segments of the healthcare market. This allows us to spot radically new possibilities for care, cure, and prevention.


Smart Santaros Hospital Solution
At Santaros Hospital Advanced information technologies creates a new value for patients and health care services. For example, integrated infrastructure that includes secure wireless networks, VoIP telephony, premises access control, Barcode, RFID identification, location tracking and also video surveillance. Santaros is using electronic medical record system that makes hospital paperless. All patient bedside terminals have integrated telephony, IPTV and Internet. Integrated vital signs monitoring helps to show patients heart rate, blood pressure, and body temperature, also show how much oxygen blood is carrying or how fast patient is breathing. Apart from these installed technologies, there are advanced patient flow control and queuing system, tele-surgery, tele-consultation and image digitalization solutions. These are just a few wide range technology solutions that make Santaros smart.
Migration to the cloud
A key goal in merging one of Lithuania’s biggest chains of polyclinics into a single legal entity was combination of the various information systems and IT infrastructure into a seamless, centrally managed on a cloud-computing basis. Blue Bridge provided a solution enabling not just smooth migration to the cloud, but also, by using the latest cloud technologies and digital tools, ensuring faster data access and security. Also, more flexible and efficient resource utilization, and the ability to serve even more customers. During the project, all the information systems, including those of critical importance, like the intranet, laboratory system and e-mail, were migrated to Blue Bridge’s modern data centre, which meets the ISO 20000 and ISO 27000 international standards and is managed according to ITIL best practices. Since the project’s implementation, the client has also been able to save on IT maintenance costs, since the individual units no longer have to allocate investments and employee time to the upkeep and maintenance of IT systems.
Bod Lenses manufacturing digitalisation
The largest manufacturer of spectacle lenses in Northern Europe finally automated production & updated its advanced lens production software. Integrating production with automated conveyor & robotics solutions plus implementing new software that will integrate order and warehouse management functions. The new digital quality control system will allow faster / more accurate evaluation of ophthalmic lens quality and will ensure the correct identification of the problematic production chain generating the defect. The new conveyor system has integrated production with logistics, utilising Artificial Intelligence based software to efficiently manage production flows and the entire product production path, thus performing most efficient order and warehouse management functions.
MIDAS – National Scientific Data Archive
The system is created in cooperation of Vilnius University and Vilnius University Hospital Santariškių Klinikos and is called National Open Access Scientific Data Archive Information System also known as MIDAS. This system is designed to collect and keep different scientific data as well as any other information related to scientific researches besides to secure accessibility of data and information in digital environment. MIDAS biomedical researchers using  information systems have the ability to create a digital research environment, create a multicenter databases of chronic diseases and patient diseases monitoring systems. Manage health event registration, collect and automatically transmit patient survey questionnaires. Also, study protocols, monitoring protocols, ECG and radiological images, tests and other patient files. Perform a statistical analysis of the data directly in digital research environment. Select and export data for statistical analysis of third-party statistical software. Automatically depersonalize scientific data and submit them for publication and store in open access area of MIDAS.
The Functional Diagnostic System PULS-AS
This new type of pulse diagnostic system is based on measurement and analysis of the radial artery sphygmograms. This system has new type of pulse wave detector, mathematical method designed to ensure accuracy and reliability of measurements and method for interpreting the characteristics of the sphygmograms. This diagnostic system PULS-AS provides an opportunity to objectively evaluate the response of an individual body to the course of chronic processes; the adaptation of the body to the medicine/drugs; the adaptation to physical activity; the body's response to changes in the daily regime and diet; the body's response to resort spa treatment and recreational effects. It is also possible to follow the process fluctuations and the state of the healthy body before the illness manifests itself, to objectify subclinical conditions. The features of this new diagnostic system PULS-AS allow to substantially expand its circle of users.
Electronic Patient Appointment Booking System
System is built as a solution integrating multiple healthcare institutions and letting patients choose and combine appointments to different specialties and locations. This system already integrates more than 140 institutions and 9000 healthcare providers of more than 300 specialties. Innovative technologies, new features and services are implemented such as specialist search in all health care institutions, SMS acknowledgment and feedback, appointment reminder and cancellation. System has also telephone conversation record attachment to the appointment and patient queuing and much more. The main purpose of this system is reduce telephone call loads, make appointment booking 7/24 available, increase effectiveness and booking process transparency.


Our Smart Health DIH solution partners offer hospitals and other healthcare organisations, as well as private customer, the opportunity to be more effective and efficient,  significantly modernising healthcare delivery systems.

Our Smart Health DIH services are streamlined in 3 major directions:  

Our software development services for Healthcare and Life Science institutions include custom software development, Cloud-based enterprise, AI-based and web application development and connected mobile application development.

Our primary purpose in manufacturing is to engineer, design, and build or revamp facilities that include a manufacturing process that produces an innovative, smart product to the Healthcare market.  

Our health services are safe, affordable, high-quality, people-centered, innovative, smart and integrated, critical to achieving universal health coverage.
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