MIDAS – National Scientific Data Archive

The system is created in cooperation of Vilnius University and Vilnius University Hospital Santariškių Klinikos and is called National Open Access Scientific Data Archive Information System also known as MIDAS. This system is designed to collect and keep different scientific data as well as any other information related to scientific researches besides to secure accessibility of data and information in digital environment. MIDAS biomedical researchers using  information systems have the ability to create a digital research environment, create a multicenter databases of chronic diseases and patient diseases monitoring systems. Manage health event registration, collect and automatically transmit patient survey questionnaires. Also, study protocols, monitoring protocols, ECG and radiological images, tests and other patient files. Perform a statistical analysis of the data directly in digital research environment. Select and export data for statistical analysis of third-party statistical software. Automatically depersonalize scientific data and submit them for publication and store in open access area of MIDAS.