Migration to the cloud

A key goal in merging one of Lithuania’s biggest chains of polyclinics into a single legal entity was combination of the various information systems and IT infrastructure into a seamless, centrally managed on a cloud-computing basis. Blue Bridge provided a solution enabling not just smooth migration to the cloud, but also, by using the latest cloud technologies and digital tools, ensuring faster data access and security. Also, more flexible and efficient resource utilization, and the ability to serve even more customers. During the project, all the information systems, including those of critical importance, like the intranet, laboratory system and e-mail, were migrated to Blue Bridge’s modern data centre, which meets the ISO 20000 and ISO 27000 international standards and is managed according to ITIL best practices. Since the project’s implementation, the client has also been able to save on IT maintenance costs, since the individual units no longer have to allocate investments and employee time to the upkeep and maintenance of IT systems.